Self Help Art Publishing Empire helps people produce physical objects to represent and further their artistic practices. It’s not a record label or a zine publisher or an art gallery, but it’s not NOT a record label or book publisher or art gallery, either.

Our basic belief is that the internet, the magical place you’re reading these words, simply isn’t good enough. A drawing on an Instagram feed is lovely, but it’s better when it’s on a shirt you can wear. An EP on Soundcloud is great, but it hits different when you’ve popped in a cassette tape. The internet is wonderful. It’s just not good enough. 

SHAPE partners with artists to produce their work in a few different ways.

The first is a full grant and creative partnership for the production of a small run of art objects. Think of an EP where SHAPE is designing the cover art and producing a tape, or a book of poetry where SHAPE is picking out the typefaces and layouts with the artist. 

Next is smaller grants that provide the financial cushion for artists to push their work forward in a meaningful way. For example, if an indie comic book artist has the funds to publish a B&W comic, SHAPE could partner with them to get it printed on nicer stock or print it as a RISO. Or if a musician is all set and ready to produce a run of tapes, but would get a price break with access to a little more capital, SHAPE could provide the financial bump they need.

SHAPE is currently and primarily run by David Sizemore in partnership with the artists producing the work.